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A Snapshot of Our Impact

Check out our new video that narrates the typical journey of SEAF's and CEED Global's entrepreneurs as they navigated the economic challenges and public health disruptions created by the pandemic in 2020, as well as the impact of our interventions.
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SEAF's 2020 Impact Report

SEAF and CEED Global, a business within SEAF that supports growth stage entrepreneurs, published our 2020 Impact Report highlighting the effects of COVID-19 on our companies and entrepreneurs and the impact of our support services.
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SEAF Launches COVID Facility

SEAF and the DFC launch an investment vehicle focused on addressing the devastating effects of COVID-19 on SMEs supporting women through the pandemic
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Impacting Underserved Markets

SEAF has maintained a commitment to go where others won't, recognizing the potential of entrepreneurs and their communities in underserved countries across the globe.
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Impact Through Entrepreneurs

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