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SEAF’s impact strategy is led by its mission – to “Improve Lives and Communities Through Entrepreneur-Focused Investment” – and is driven by five pillars of activity:

  • Providing risk capital to growth stage, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging and frontier markets, seeking both financial returns & significant social and environmental impact
  • Targeting underserved markets
  • Delivering value creation support to investees to improve company performance
  • Making transparent, ethical and high-impact investments by promoting high ESG standards
  • Sponsoring Centers for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED) which provide training, education, peer networking, global access to entrepreneur-backed SMEs
  • SEAF has a dedicated impact team that is responsible for working with all local fund managers to target, measure and communicate the impact which each such fund or facility seeks to achieve.

SEAF Impact


Thousand Quality Jobs


Million in PC Revenue Growth


SDGs Impacted

“3x” and the Core Impact Performance Metrics

Along with targeting commercial risk-adjusted financial returns, SEAF seeks to triple its positive impact over the holding period of each investment. That is, SEAF takes a “3x” approach to achieve social and environmental impact.

In doing so, SEAF has identified three impact performance metrics critical to its mission. These metrics are evaluated for each investment, pre-money and post-money, and on a fund portfolio level. The impact performance metrics – quality jobs, taxes paid, and revenue generated – represent key impact drivers and are typically complemented by more specific impact-themed metrics for each investment.

Quality Jobs has been a consistent focus of SEAF over our 33 years of impact investing. Across the portfolio, our funds have created and maintained, over the hold period of respective investments, more than 50,000 quality jobs. These opportunities are instrumental to the growth and vitality of our local communities, and SEAF is committed to working with portfolio companies to create additional employment opportunities across our markets.

SEAF’s intent to create positive impact aligns neatly with its aims for financial returns as it pursues investments where impact is inherent in the business model of the portfolio company. That is, as the business scales, impact increases in parallel.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Alignment

SEAF’s impact investing strategy is fully aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which serve as a clear beacon for the benefit of communities and societies.

Learn more about SEAF’s alignment to the UN SDGs here.

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