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2020 Impact Report: Building Resilience in Small and Medium Enterprises

SEAF and CEED Global, a business within SEAF that supports a broader base of growth stage entrepreneurs, surveyed our portfolio companies and entrepreneurs to see how the coronavirus affected their businesses during 2020 and the impact of our various types of assistance.

Beginning in March of 2020, both SEAF and CEED acted quickly to support our 39 portfolio companies and over 2,000 entrepreneurs so that they could withstand the worst effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The strategic partnerships and established trust at the heart of our business model helped foster build resilience during this critical period, laying the foundation for future growth and profitability. Read the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs spanning 3 continents as they positively impacted their communities despite facing unprecedented challenges. Throughout all of last year, SEAF’s portfolio companies continued to foster innovation, empower women employees, and work towards climate sustainability and food security to reduce poverty across the globe.

A snapshot of our impact data and companies’ resilience during 2020 can also be found in this infographic.

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