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Ecoflora’s Jagua Blue Receives FDA Approval, Marking a Milestone in Sustainable Innovation

Ecoflora’s Jagua Blue Receives FDA Approval, Marking a Milestone in Sustainable Innovation

Bogota, Columbia, December 2023 – SEAF is thrilled to announce a major milestone for Ecoflora, one of SEAF’s portfolio companies, as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants approval for Jagua Blue, a natural blue colorant for several industries derived from the fruit of tropical jagua trees. This achievement not only reflects Ecoflora’s commitment to innovation but also underscores SEAF’s strategic investment in this ground breaking venture.

Ecoflora, a women-led and Certified B Company, developed and patented the technology and production process behind Jagua Blue. This sustainable and vibrant blue color opens new possibilities for the food and beverage, pet food, cosmetics and personal care industries, offering a natural alternative that aligns with consumer preferences for clean and ethically sourced ingredients.

As SEAF began investing in Ecoflora through the SEAF Colombia Agribusiness Fund in late 2021, our focus was on catalyzing positive change across three dimensions. First, we envisioned supporting the continued growth of Ecoflora’s biotechnology for accelerated financial success. Second, we aimed to contribute to the social impact generated by Ecoflora’s value chain, especially in collaboration with small farmers and indigenous communities. Third, our goal is to contribute to stopping deforestarion of tropical forests deriving from farmers´need of a source of income.

Moreover, SEAF’s commitment to environmental sustainability aligns seamlessly with Ecoflora´s efforts to implement agroforestry and silvopastoral practices, addressing climate change through nature-based solutions. The FDA approval for Jagua Blue is not just a testament to the ingenuity of Ecoflora but also reinforces the significance of impact investing in transformative ventures.

“Our investment in Ecoflora enables the company to expand production, meeting the escalating demand following regulatory approvals and market expansion. We are proud to be part of this journey, realizing our vision of supporting businesses that create positive change, both economically and environmentally,” said Mauricio Samper, SEAF Managing Director in Colombia.

Congratulations to Ecoflora, and the entire team involved in this ground breaking achievement! Together, we continue to drive innovation, sustainability, and positive impact.