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Ezra Musoke

Ezra Musoke

Managing Director


Mr. Ezra Musoke, Managing Director for SEAF KASI Agriventures in Tanzania, is a Ugandan national with an outstanding track record of investing in SMEs in East Africa. Prior to joining SEAF, Mr. Musoke invested in SMEs in East Africa for GroFin, InReturn Capital and Grassroots Business Fund. In Uganda, Mr. Musoke was involved in the GroFin operations from its early start and in was selected to lead the launch of the Tanzania office and later moved on to serve as a managing partner with InReturn Capital.

Mr. Musoke has closed 25 deals in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and has exited deals successfully over course of the past 5 years. Further, as a member of the GroFin and InReturn Capital finance committees he was involved in 13 deals in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Uganda.

Mr. Musoke holds a BA from Makerere University, two post-graduate diplomas in Financial Management and Banking and Masters in Management Studies from the Uganda Management Institute.