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Introducing SEAF Series “Impact Through Agribusiness”

Introducing SEAF Series “Impact Through Agribusiness”

We are pleased to announce our new series on the business of agriculture, from production to retail and everything in between…

Over the course of thirty years of impact investing in emerging and frontier markets, Agribusiness has time and again show to be a constant in nearly every market. SEAF has made more than $200 million worth of investments across 130+ companies spanning the food and agribusiness value chain across our network countries.

In addition to growth capital, our fund management teams work with the SMEs to improve operational efficiencies, formalize corporate governance and business operations, and increase market coverage. These investments in agribusiness companies and the industry continue to play a prominent role in our work.

What do we mean by Agribusiness?

SEAF defines Agribusiness as the full agriculture value chain, from inputs and production to growing, harvesting, processing and delivering to end-users via traders, distributors, retailers, and restaurants. SEAF does not focus on pure farming or cultivation operations, i.e. crop, dairy or livestock production, although these are not excluded. Our emphasis has been on the other aspects of the value chain that support these efforts, helping to grow the better crop and to then provide the post-harvest services to process and deliver in an optimal manner. As such, SEAF has made investments across the sectors displayed below and we will continue to expand our services with additional commitments.

Why Agribusiness?

At SEAF, we are convinced that agribusiness investments can not only serve as sound investments but also to propel the growth prospects of any economy, as local consumers tend to demand more and better-quality food whenever their country grows. These investments also provide extraordinary impact. Economic multipliers associated with agribusiness are among the highest and the impact of increasing productivity on rural prosperity is significant.

Agribusinesses, from smallholder farms to larger commercial agri-producers, will play a crucial role in the way we not only produce and consume food, but also in where and how people will live and work, and ultimately how detrimental climate change will be for the planet.

Over the next few months, we will be speaking with SEAF Staff and Entrepreneurs around the globe to demonstrate how SEAF’s investments are accessing various aspects of the food and agricultural value chain. We will be covering a wide array of topics – the effects of climate change on agribusiness, supporting smallholder farmers, reducing post-harvest loss, supplying underserved communities with organic food, and creating innovative water-saving technology. Featuring in-depth interviews, recaps on industry events, and agribusiness case studies, Impact Through Agribusiness will provide a practitioner’s look at the sector and how investment and development are catalyzing change across the world.

“The adoption of sustainable practices by smallholders will be crucial to climate change adaptation efforts.”

– Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations



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