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SEAF KASI Agriventures

Founded in 2015, the SEAF KASI Agriventures Fund (“KASI”) is an investment fund, providing debt and equity to growing businesses and producers in the agricultural sector of Tanzania.

SEAF supports our investees and other emerging business leaders across Tanzania through our Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development. Our unique programs serve entrepreneurs in the country’s agribusiness sector, which supports an estimated 80% of Tanzanians. SEAF is currently focusing on: animal feed producers and distributors; export oriented fruit, vegetable, and/or spice processors; equipment leasing finance providers; and non-bank financial institutions serving small, growing agribusinesses.

SEAF KASI Agriventures Placeholder
SEAF KASI Agriventures

Region: Africa

Location(s): Tanzania

Start Date: Jan 2015

Status: Investing

Managing Director: Ezra Musoke