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Latam Peru Fund

Latam Peru Fund Limited (Latam Peru) follows in the footsteps of SEAF’s Fondo Transandino Peru (FTP), which completed its investment cycle in May 2008. Seeing further opportunities to invest and reinvest in companies in the country, and following a year of solid economic growth, SEAF launched Latam Peru in 2008. Latam Peru counts among its main investors SEAF’s Latam Growth Fund Limited (Latam Growth), an umbrella fund that makes direct investments in the region. Latam Growth’s investment in Latam Peru was complemented by investments from local, Peruvian pension funds that recognized the potential for growth among the country’s SMEs and invested in the fund, expanding its capacity to promote promising businesses.

Peru’s economy has experienced 11 years of steady growth (5% average annual growth rate), continuing the country’s trend of impressive economic expansion since the mid-1990s. Despite this promising economic period, many of the country’s SMEs still lacked the essential capital they need to take advantage of the nation’s growth. Wanting to continue the commitment to Peru that began with FTP, SEAF is pleased to once again meet the financing needs of the region’s entrepreneurs and provide promising SMEs with funding and operational support through Latam Peru. As Peru’s economy continues to grow, with the proper financing, SMEs are poised to expand the middle economy and meet the growing domestic and international demand for quality local products and services.

Latam Peru works alongside Latam Growth to provide companies with a hybrid between traditional banking and an equity-oriented venture capital approach. In addition to financial support, the Latam Peru team partners with its portfolio companies, providing them with expert technical assistance to enhance their business performance and market competitiveness. Latam Peru counts among its investments a sustainable forestry and carbon sequestration company and a clean-tech hydroelectric plant. SEAF no longer manages this Fund.

Latam Peru Fund Placeholder
Latam Peru Fund

Region: Latin America

Location(s): Peru

Start Date: Mar 2008

Status: Fully Invested

Committed Capital: $40 Million

Investor(s): Latam Growth Fund; ACCESS SEAF SAFI; AFP Integra; AFP Horizonte; Corporación Financiera de Desarrollo S.A. (Cofide)