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SEAF and Globalturk Capital join forces to grow SMEs in Turkey

SEAF and Globalturk Capital join forces to grow SMEs in Turkey

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On December 20, 2012, Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF) and Globalturk Capital (Globalturk) have announced a partnership to discover and invest in qualified SMEs in Turkey. The collaboration will focus on companies with strong business models and proven technologies, with goals to adapt their business throughout Turkey and beyond. The partnership will make use of Globalturk’s experience in Turkey in tandem with SEAF’s global network and 20+ years of investing in emerging markets.

SEAF will be actively seeking investment opportunities in Turkey. The Turkish SME market comprises 70% of the Turkish private sector and has been an important factor in Turkey’s growth. The investment initiative will provide a global channel for Turkish SMEs to facilitate business development and growth, as the collaboration will provide funding, technical assistance and an established worldwide network.

Bert van der Vaart, SEAF’s Chairman hailed the importance of the Turkish market and the partnership, stating “SEAF has seen excellent Turkish entrepreneurs in SEAF’s markets in Southeast Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Together with Globalturk, we look forward to investing in fast growing Turkish enterprises in Turkey itself.” Baris Oney, Managing Partner of Globalturk Capital, remarked that “with SEAF we shall be targeting an untapped market to date by private equity investors, where serious institutional money shall be investing selectively in Turkey’s top SMEs who have growth ambitions not only in but beyond Turkey.”

In addition to the formal partnership between SEAF and Globalturk, Mr. van der Vaart of SEAF has joined the Advisory Board of Globalturk Capital to initiate the first stage of the collaboration. Mr. Oney will be a member of the Investment Committee of SEAF’s Caucasus Growth Fund and SEAF’s Central and Eastern European ICT initiative. The partners also intend to expand their cooperation to form an SME Fund for Turkey.

  • Globalturk Capital is a Pre & Post Investment Management and Advisory Services Firm, assisting and managing investments coming into and going out of Turkey.