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SEAF CEO presents at Macedonia 2025 Reception

SEAF CEO presents at Macedonia 2025 Reception

23rd June 2016 – SEAF attends Macedonia 2025 networking reception in Vienna to discuss the country’s economic growth strategy and trajectory

On June 16th 2016, SEAF CEO Hubertus van der Vaart attended a networking reception organized by Macedonia 2025 in the Palais Kaiserhaus of Vienna. Founded by expatriates and entrepreneurs in 2007, Macedonia 2025 defines itself as “a big picture think-and-do tank that generates ideas on how to take the country into the future”. Over 100 guests and representatives of international institutions, financial companies and Macedonia investment partners attended the event to foster cooperation and momentum for investment possibilities in Macedonia. Guests alongside SEAF included The World BankEuromax Resources and Austrian Airlines. Keynote speakers and panelists all underscored the need to build on Macedonia’s trajectory towards further economic integration with Europe, improvement of production capacities, and increased business cooperation on a domestic and international level.

SEAF’s commitment to Macedonia’s investment potential started in 1998 thanks to the establishment of the SEAF Macedonia I Fund with seed capital from USAID for a total fund size of USD 13 million. After successfully completing and exiting 14 investments across various industries, SEAF renewed its commitment to Macedonian SMEs in 2014 by launching the SEAF Macedonia II LP fund, set to have an investment period of five-years ending in February 2019. SEAF Macedonia II LP has initiated early stage and expansion capital for SMEs in Macedonia, investing in Aronija Zdrava Hrana, a producer of natural and organic foods, and AMC, a computer and electronics retailer. In addition to issuing mezzanine and equity investments, the fund provides opportunities to enhance investee business performance with assistance in the implementation of management technique improvements, financial control, quality control and marketing. For more information on the SEAF Macedonia II Fund, see here.

Photos from the Macedonia 2025 reception:
Photo credits: Macedonia 2025 Facebook Page