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SEAF Exits Chinese Valve Company

SEAF Exits Chinese Valve Company

Sichuan, China—Global impact investment manager SEAF announced that is has exited its position in the Tiangong Valve Company.  Tiangong produces high pressure valves and valve trees for natural gas wellheads and field stations.  SEAF made an equity investment in Tiangong through the SEAF Sichuan Small Investment Fund in 2005.  The exit agreement was finalized in July of 2014.

Tiangong Valve Company produces wellhead and surrounding field station valves for the gas and oil industries, specializing in high valued-added high-pressure valves used for natural gas.  Tiangong’s main products are valves and multi-valve assemblies that regulate the flow of natural gas and liquid petroleum during the extraction process and in field stations, at the well and along pipelines.  It is the largest competitor in its niche that is not either state-owned or formerly state-owned.  Tiangong Valve employs 380 people across five business divisions.

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