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SEAF Funds Complete Exit from Peruvian Logistics Firm

SEAF Funds Complete Exit from Peruvian Logistics Firm


Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF) completed its exit in Outsourcing Peru S.A.C., a logistics firm, this July.

The owner of Outsourcing Peru S.A.C. bought Fondo Transandino Peru (FTP)’s 53 percent share in Outsourcing. The exit also marked the first time a SEAF portfolio company has made a full repayment of debt financing to SEAF’s SME Debt Facility (SSDF).

SEAF secured and managed USD 4.1 million in debt and equity financing for Outsourcing starting in 2008. The mezzanine-financing package provided Outsourcing with working capital to expand storage space, increase moving equipment, and update processing systems.

“FTP’s investment in Outsourcing has helped the company achieve significant growth, to the extent that the owner was empowered to take majority ownership,” said FTP fund manager Harry Schuster.

Outsourcing provides logistical expertise to domestic sellers and international import companies, from advising customers in the customs process, to storage on the ground in Peru and Ecuador, and local distribution support.

“Outsourcing’s growth has benefitted both the local community and the larger national economy,” Mr. Schuster said. “Outsourcing increased its workforce by more than double from the time of FTP’s initial investment, providing stable salaries and employment benefits to a largely low-skilled community. On a larger level, Outsourcing facilitates trade and business locally and internationally through its logistical support, bringing more sustainable economic development to the region generally.”