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SEAF India PC Awarded for its High Quality Cottonseed Meal

SEAF India PC Awarded for its High Quality Cottonseed Meal

SEAF India Agribusiness Fund’s portfolio company, Abhay Cotex Private Ltd., was recognized by the All India Cottonseed Crusher’s Association of India (AICOSCA) for being India’s 3rd Highest Seller of Cottonseed Meal.

Mumbai, India –The oldest and most well-established cottonseed association in India, All India Cottonseed Crusher’s Association of India (“AICOSCA”), in conjunction with the Indian government, has recognized Abhay Cotex Private Ltd. (“ACPL”) for being the 3rd Highest Domestic Seller of High Quality Cottonseed Meal in India. Amongst its competitors, ACPL has Cottonseed Meal sales domestically with a 39.3% “higher sale price” premium over its nearest competitors who have been in the Indian market for much longer. ACPL started operations in January of 2010. With SEAF’s investment one year later, ACPL’s growth has been extraordinary, with sales in 2014 estimated to be more than $70 million.

AICOSCA encourages scientific process on a National level for the cottonseed crushing industry. Advancement in technology in cottonseed processing is key to increased availability of edible oil and deoiled cake for animal feed.

“This award shows ACPL’s continuation of its ability to produce high-quality products on a national level; the fact that they are selling their products for more is just another indication,” says SEAF India Agribusiness Managing Director Partha Choudhury.


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About the SEAF India Agribusiness Fund

The SEAF India Agribusiness Fund targets investment in fast-growing agribusiness focused companies in India. With the world’s second largest amount of arable land and a rapidly growing economy, India represents a tremendous opportunity for investment in the agribusiness sector. Recognizing the technological talents in India, and relying on a team with extensive experience in Indian agribusiness, the Fund focuses on companies in the food value chain with strong management, with a demonstrated track record, and innovative and superior technology for productivity improvement and value addition. The Fund commenced investment operations in 2010.

About Abhay Cotex Private Ltd.

Abhay Cotex Private Limited. (ACPL) is a leading agribusiness based in the “Cotton bowl of Western India” in Maharashtra. ACPL’s processing technology saves roughly 90% of the water and 70% of the energy used in conventional technology, in Processing a variety of oil seeds for edible oil and animal proteins used for animal feed. Read more at