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SEAF Macedonia II Fund Invests in Geonet, a GPS Solutions Provider

SEAF Macedonia II Fund Invests in Geonet, a GPS Solutions Provider

Skopje, Macedonia (April 2018)

SEAF announces that the SEAF Macedonia II Fund has completed an investment in Geonet, a GPS solutions provider based in Skopje, Macedonia. Geonet is engaged in the implementation of advanced GPS solutions, and plans to further expand its business by remaining the leading GPS solution provider in the Macedonian market, with strong aspirations for expansion on the markets in Northern Greece, Kenya and the US. Recently, Geonet developed a ride-hailing platform named “Go Taxi”, to be offered to the taxi companies in Macedonia and abroad, as a tool for modernizing the traditional taxi service, allowing it to compete with Uber-like services.

Geonet is the third portfolio company of the SEAF Macedonia II Fund, and one of two remaining holdings. The Fund is led by Dejan Kalinikov.

About Geonet

Geonet was founded by Mr. Tode Bucevski in 2004 as the first company in Macedonia engaged in the implementation of advanced GPS solutions allowing vehicles tracking, monitoring, improved security, and route planning in a simple, yet sophisticated way. Continuously growing in the area of its core competencies, Geonet now represents the leading GPS fleet management service provider in Macedonia.

About SEAF

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