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SEAF Serbia Director Predicts Investment Lull in Region

SEAF Serbia Director Predicts Investment Lull in Region

Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF) Serbia Managing Director Nikola Stefanovic forecasted a conservative Serbian economy for 2012 in an interview with the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (AMCHAM Serbia) Magazine in December 2011. The article published in Perspective, AMCHAM Serbia’s quarterly magazine, highlighted the region’s economic challenges for the year to come.

“In our region, based on the economic indicators of Europe and the on-going sovereign debt crisis, it is likely that 2012 will be a very challenging year, marked by conservative investment policy,” Stefanovic said.

His recommendations to companies facing such a downturn included replacing short-term loans with long-term ones and developing new markets for their products.

To read more about Stefanovic’s predictions and analysis, click here to visit AmCham Perspective Magazine.