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SEAF Signs the Operating Principles for Impact Management

SEAF Signs the Operating Principles for Impact Management

Washington, DC – February 6, 2020 – SEAF, a pioneer in impact investment in emerging and frontier markets for over thirty years, has signed on to the Operating Principles for Impact Management (“Principles”). The official signing was celebrated today at the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Launched in April 2019 and developed by the IFC in partnership with asset owners, managers, and other impact players, the Principles provide a much-needed standardized framework for impact investors. The framework brings transparency, credibility, and discipline to the entirety of the impact investment lifecycle, from deal origination to exit.

“SEAF is very pleased to be signing on to the Operating Principles for Impact Management. We are particularly delighted to be doing so with the organization that developed the Principles, the IFC, which has been a key partner for us for most of our 30 years, from the first investment in our first Polish SME Fund in 1996 (extended by through the Global Environment Facility), through eight different funds since that time,” stated SEAF co-founder and CEO, Bert van der Vaart. “SEAF has been dedicated to impact investment since our beginnings in 1989. Becoming a signatory to these Principles cements our continued commitment to achieving sustainable impact in the world’s emerging and frontier markets.”

SEAF’S adoption of the Principles fits neatly with the organization’s mission to “improve lives and communities in underserved markets through entrepreneur-focused investment”. Throughout its history, the organization has aimed to create positive impact along with financial returns by providing risk capital to small and medium-sized businesses in underserved markets. Becoming a signatory to the Principles serves as the latest step in SEAF’s efforts to continuously enhance and improve its impact management and measurement program.

SEAF joins 82 other global investors as a signatory and will publish its Signatory Disclosure Statement within the year to detail how the firm has worked to ensure alignment with the Principles.


About SEAF

SEAF is a global fund management company headquartered in Washington, DC that invests in small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging and frontier markets. SEAF seeks financial returns as well as impact on economic and social development and provides technical assistance to improve the performance of the enterprises. Having raised committed capital of more than $1.2 billion, the firm has 30 years of experience with 40 funds in over 30 countries. In addition, SEAF also supports 11 Centers for Entrepreneurship and Development (CEED) around the world (, providing training, mentoring, professional networks and global access to entrepreneur-run businesses. For more about SEAF, see ###


Download the press release here.