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SEAF Stands with the Black Community

SEAF Stands with the Black Community

Dear Friends,

The events of the past several weeks have brought home all too painfully that the full promise of the Emancipation Proclamation, which was two and half years earlier than the actual end of slavery in the US on June 19, 1865, is still far from being fulfilled. Systemic racism still exists, as does the injustice and inequality that results from it.

Amidst all of the protests and demands for change and justice, SEAF will be recognizing Juneteenth as a holiday. This special day is a way to honor the Proclamation’s promise, even if yet unfulfilled, and a chance to give us a day to reflect and perhaps take our own personal actions towards fulfilling that promise.

SEAF was established in 1989 with a mission to invest in and foster entrepreneurs in underserved emerging markets. SEAF believed that the most effective way to rebuild the countries of Poland and Romania after socialism, and Afghanistan and Colombia after conflict, was to provide economic opportunity to entrepreneurs by investing locally. While we are proud of our work overseas these past 31 years, we recognize there is still a significant amount of work remaining in our communities in the United States. Organizationally, we are reflecting deeply and are committed to doing our part to address racial injustice and end bigotry and hate.

I look forward to working together with SEAF as well as with our partners and colleagues to improve the lives of people and communities in the spirit of justice and empowered opportunity for all.

-Bert van der Vaart, Co-founder and CEO