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Jamal Abisourour

Vice President


North America

Based in Washington DC, Jamal is SEAF’s Vice President for Investments in Innovation as well as Vice President for MENA where he is leading SEAF’s pipeline development and deal structuring in North Africa and the Middle East. He is a seasoned impact investor, with over five years of transactional experience at SEAF and having served previously as the firm’s Impact Manager. Prior to SEAF, Jamal worked at a boutique private equity firm based in Singapore where he gained 4 years of private equity exposure in Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa. After that, he spent 4 years as a Business Development Director of a Global Maghreb-based payment solutions company. He holds a Global MBA from the Hult International Business School, a Double Msc in International Finance and Economics from the University of Uppsala and the University of Groningen with a summer extension course at Harvard University. He speaks five languages: English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Bahasa Melayu.