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Jeri Jensen

Director of Strategic Partnerships


North America

As Director of Strategic Partnerships, Jeri works to scale SEAF and CEED’s work through innovative partnerships with corporations, foundations and international development organizations.  She has been a leader in designing, developing and implementing partnerships that drive sustainability for corporations and other institutions and unleashing entrepreneurship as an inclusive economic development tool.  She is an expert on market-led development programs that promote inclusive growth and has successfully attracted investment, funding and private capital to an array of projects and organizations.  Prior to her role at SEAF, Jeri was Director of Partnerships for Social Justice at Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University, where she scaled the breadth and impact of its portfolio of accelerator programs.  She has held senior positions at several US government agencies and nonprofit organizations and led her own company providing strategic advice to US development agencies, social entrepreneurs and companies to help scale their impact.  She held positions at the Millennium Challenge Corporation, where she led its efforts to form public-private partnerships with corporations and social investors, Vice President for Policy at the Initiative for Global Development, a nonprofit network of corporate leaders focused on strengthening Africa’s private sector, Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative at USTR, Executive Director for Trade Policy and Promotion at the Department of Commerce, Director of Inter-American Economic Affairs at the National Security Council and Strategic Advisor to the Chairman of the US Export-Import Bank.  Jeri has a Masters of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science from Northwestern University.