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Michael Levett

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

North America

Michael Levett serves as a trusted advisor to a variety of institutions and enterprises, creating and supporting policy-and-program initiatives often at the intersection of private enterprise and public and social sectors. He brings unique domestic and frontier market expertise in business, media, and non-profit domains and has been an innovative leader in utilizing private sector resources and support to deliver equitable and sustainable solutions benefitting families, communities, and local/regional enterprises and economies. He applies CEO and entrepreneur-organization builder know-how with an experienced-based perspective that local knowledge, experience, and solutions are essential building blocks of successful economic and social development.

Michael has long been on the vanguard of international development challenges. While CEO of CDC Development Solutions (now PYXERA Global), the organization introduced innovative funding and program approaches that combined private investment, corporate operations and local procurement, public and charitable resources to tackle local and global challenges. Using “blended approaches” to localize global supply chains to expand family and national wealth and pursuing SME growth in conflict prevention, he led the organization’s expansion into more than 80 countries on 5 continents. Mr. Levett continues to contribute to projects that recognize such private investment/blended approaches as vital to overcoming the individual, social, political, national, and security challenges of the expanding global forced migration crisis. Prior to joining CDC, Mr. Levett was the founding President of Business for Social Responsibility, redefining and demonstrating the “bottom lines” of businesses role in society.

His professional background includes years as an entrepreneur developing and managing trade, cultural, and commercial ventures in the countries of the former Soviet Union and Central Europe as well as in Asia and the Pacific, vice presidencies at two international film production companies, Lucasfilm, Ltd. and Dino DeLaurentiis Corp., and reporting for The Los Angeles Times. He holds B.A. and J.D. degrees from UCLA and was a White House Fellow in Washington, D.C., and a Loeb Fellow at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. He serves as a non-resident advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Senior Social Innovation Fellow at Babson College, and a member of the Board of Advisors of the Refugee Investments Network.