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The SEAF Mission

The SEAF Mission

For over thirty years, SEAF has remained committed to our core focus of creating Impact Through Entrepreneurs. SEAF believes that entrepreneurs provide something unique to their communities, starting with the choice of products and services provided to the people and places they know best, which offer a better way of life to populations often living in the most underserved markets.

By meeting this demand, our investees create an indelible impact – quality jobs with training and the prospects for salary growth and responsibility, which give a purpose to people who often face dire employment prospects at home; the increased revenues resulting in growing businesses, which are beacons of hope and positive change; and, through such growth, benefits to local municipalities through formally compliant enterprises and the tax revenues they provide. Taken together, a growing SME can be a significant source of growth at home, and SEAF is proud to have completed over 430 investments across more than 30 countries to deliver impact at a local level.

As we look toward the future, SEAF is intent on building upon our global impact network to extend the message of purpose and hope. Our impact work closely aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 common goals that together form a core for global development. All SEAF investments will identify and work towards appropriate SDGs and will commit to the central cause of the UN SDG framework.

We believe the close partnerships developed with entrepreneurs, from investment and management, to scaling businesses and a mutually-successful exit, is central to the success of communities and countries across the emerging markets spectrum, while providing our investors reasonable returns reflecting the underserved nature of these sectors. SEAF is confident that its active partnership will help portfolio companies scale their operations, catalyze the growth of their local markets, and help their countries develop their economies.